#12 — final semester
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Hey there and Assalamualaikum!

It hits me hard when I'm back in flesh, right here in CFS. As the title said so, yes; this is my final semester. I was mad at Mr. S (one of the people who handled the Add/Drop session). They annoy me up until now because I can't drop 2, only 2 subjects and that made me wanted to curse out loud masa tu, not minding everyone else around me at that time. Rasa macam tak puasa hari tu, kurang dah pahala smh ;)

Little did I know that I've wasted my energy. I begged like a fool for three times. It's okay, I'll hustle until the end of my studies. InsyaAllah.

captured this on 14/06/2017

The first week in CFS was quite normal, we did have classes but only with short briefings on the course packets and sorts. Since Ramadhan almost ended and now it's the second week of lectures, well some classes minta lecturer dorang postpone kelas on both Thursday and Friday, before and after Eid.

But the only thing is, some of my classes didn't try our best yet to persuade the lecturers lol. Except for Writing Skills. Huzzah!

Seems like this is the end. I'll be back with a long Eid celebration post. Pinky promise!

Till then.


#11 — short semester break
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Hey there and Assalamualaikum! So, yes. I'm on my semester break for 3 weeks. And now, it's almost come to an end. My 1st week was hella boring. Trapped in my house, doing house chores. Captain Fiq to the rescue (yes I'm basically a captain sailing the ship in the house eventhough my house is not a ship???)

Last Thursday I've decided to go to Rembau and spent a night at Fara's. I haven't met her for 5 months. That day was worth a shot. We spent our night doing basically nothing; watched a movie and Goblin drama. It just because she haven't watch it and she basically whined

"Apa yang best sangat cerita Goblin ni?"
I prayed to God that Fara would shut up and watch it. My my, I'm the worst friend ever. Fara had fell into Goblin curses and spells of 'keep on watching me- the best korean drama ever!'

Sorry not sorry.

On Friday morning, I hopped on a bus, headed to Tampin from Rembau, headed to Melaka Sentral from Tampin by Panorama Melaka bus. It was worth a ride, I enjoyed the views.

Friday till Saturday, well I did nothing. Just we went out and had foodtrucks' foods with everyone. On Sunday, me and Kak Shara, my older cousin, we went to Melaka City, Plus I wanted to vlog some scenes for Freakyleven,

Blogging right now, and its Monday, Nothing much I guess. Will be heading to Bangi tomorrow by bus ;)

Till then.

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